Rules: Cambridge Young Composer of the Year Competition 2011

1. Competitors must either live in Cambridgeshire (excluding Peterborough) or study full-time at a school, 6th Form or further education college in the county.

2. Competitors must be 18 years of age or under on 1 January 2011.

3. Compositions must be the competitor’s own work and should not have won a prize in another competition or been performed at a public concert (private school performances not included).

4. Entries will be judged in three age groups:

12 years and under
13 – 15 years
16- 18 years

5. Your composition should be inspired in some way by the theme 'Silver Sounds'. It may be composed to accompany a short piece of film/video/series of images of your choice, but this is entirely optional. If you do choose this option we will expect you to submit a copy of the image file with your composition or provide a link to an online file.

6. The maximum performance length for entries in all three age groups must be no more than 5 minutes.

7. Competitors must write for one or more of the following:
A violin
A cello
A flute
A piano

Compositions may be written for any combination of the above instruments but no more than one violin, one cello etc, should be used. (This is to enable us to perform entries at the composing workshop when we will have this combination of instruments available).

8. Entries must be submitted in manuscript form – either written by hand (in which case it must be clear and legible) or printed from composing software.

9. They may be accompanied by a recording of the piece if desired, but this is not a requirement.

10. Competitors must complete an application form and send it to Cambridge Youth Music, 11 Sadlers Close, Coton, Cambridge CB23 7PF, to arrive no later than Friday 17 December 2010.

10. Applications must be accompanied by the entry fee of £10 (cheques made payable to Cambridge Youth Music) and by two stamped addressed envelopes.

11. Compositions must be sent to arrive at the same address no later than Saturday 29 January 2011.

12. The decision of the judge and organisers will be final and no correspondence will be entered into

Download an application form in Word format.

Further information from:
Tel: 01954 212298